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    動靜之間_Between dynamic and static
    6217 2016-08-01 16:43:51 11 [佳作]
    设计师: 林奇鋒
    動靜之間_Between dynamic and static说明:

    空間類型 | 居住空間-單層

    主要材料 | 聖羅蘭黑金大理石. 金屬鐵件. 灰鏡. 清水模. 白色烤漆. 深色木皮









    How to relax with calm and staid? Use numbers of grey mirrors without losing the stability of space atmosphere、full of modern neat lines meanwhile maintain the natural contours and temperature. Those needs seem to be conflictive, however, in design of dynamics and static, it reach the perfect balance.


    By using grey mirrors, the lines of Saint Laurent black gold marble are reflected and highlight themselves. The first impress are staid and magnanimous. Afterwards, with the mood which is transferred to serenity and corresponds to Architectural concrete, here comes the living room. Use dark veins as the back wall to pair the dark furniture which is in fabric quality, creates the feel of elegant and comfortable. A showcase, which is based on a grey mirror, lights up the fashion and vivacity. The darkness is diluted by the white-based TV. The veins are the material which are obviously touched and mix the fashion which is used to be thought as cold. In addition, the Saint Laurent black gold marble material quality brings the power. Came to the sharp contrast of tension to exist in contains the function of excessive and long space, penetrates the surface of mirror to extend the effect to reduce oppression of the long and narrow dining room, stands erect or walks, realized the dynamic and the static state were bring feeling.


    Oncoming again of silence with the plastering wall and the wood veins, clean and no impurities in the bedroom were complete performance stable atmosphere, wood laminates of functional requirement was calm and delicate, minimalist design of the facade between the white walls and plastering wall constitute, but also revealed faint tension, not forgetting regarding other spatial response is perfect neat vertical and horizontal.


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