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    疊敘 Narrative of Stacking
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    设计师: 張祐峰
    疊敘 Narrative of Stacking说明:




    Narrative of Stacking

    The design strived to solve the storage issue for housing many collected paintings by exploring new display solution with the design concept of “Stacking”, which was to regard ceiling, beam, cabinet, wall, flooring and even paintings as single volume objects that collided, stacked and extended both vertically and horizontally in articulation and definition of material continuity and functionality of different domains, as well as intensifying visual depth and the flow of the circulation.

    The overall color-scheme was of black, white, grey and earth tone, complemented with genuine materials and ample natural light in sculpting tranquil scenery. A defining stroke of creativity was to house and display the client’s paintings, with every moveable panel layered against one another; it opens up a refreshing angle of creative appreciation. Moreover, through the overlapping, collisions of colors, materials and paintings, the designed space was given an interwoven visual layering, while the overall spatial visuals formed around the concept of “Stacking”, perfectly conveying everything treasured by the clients, in creating space and visual experiences that are unique to them only.

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