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    设计师: 魏立彥
    雙調 | Bitonic说明:

    土地與氣候是我們面臨的最大挑戰,我們希望善用土地的特質及面對氣候的對策來進行設計, 除了滿足居住者的需求外同時也避免對環境造成過大的差異或突顯,同時也保有更多土地用於種植.




    Land and climate are the biggest challenges we face. We hope to make good use of the characteristics of the land and the countermeasures to face the climate to design. It not only meets the needs of the residents, but also avoids making excessive differences or highlights to the environment , and also retain more land for planting.

    This base is lower than the main road, so we first set the elevation of the original

    base as a basement, and the first floor is raised and suspended; this type of tall house architecture similar to the South Island nation.

    This type can effectively resolve the damp and hot ground gas, making the indoor

    space more dry and cool; in addition to the use of six cars and storage rooms in the basement, we have reserved a water collection box culvert in the foundation of the driveway to prevent the current Heavy rainfall in extreme climate.

    In order to overcome the excessive structural span and the rainwater collection trough set in response to heavy rain, we have integrated the majors of structural engineering and electromechanical engineering.

    Meet user requirements and resolve weather issues.At the same time provide exclusive space for each member. And there is also a place for everyone to gather.

    將建築提高半層樓當作地下室(地下室在原本的土地高度),可用於停車及儲藏的功能. 這樣可讓地面潮濕及熱的空氣被風帶走,讓室內涼爽及乾燥.

    將建築提高半層樓當作地下室(地下室在原本的土地高度),可用於停車及儲藏的功能. 這樣可讓地面潮濕及熱的空氣被風帶走,讓室內涼爽及乾燥.

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